Edgewonk 3 upgrade discount

If you are an existing Edgewonk 2 customer and want to upgrade to the Edgewonk version 3, please send us an email with your Edgewonk 2 license key to upgrade@edgewonk.com

We will then provide a discount code.

–> Your Edgewonk 2 license key can be found in your welcome email

Edgewonk 2 Overview – Important links

Recently, we have launched the new version of Edgewonk 3 and you can find out all about it on www.edgewonk.com


If you are an Edgewonk 2 customer, we provide the most important links for you here:


We are not selling the Edgewonk 2 desktop software anymore. Please do not contact us if you want to purchase Edgewonk 2.

The web-based Edgewonk 3 version is now available at www.edgewonk.com