August Update 2018 – Profit Calendar

Hello traders and Edgewonk fans,

today we released our August 2018 update. There have been a few add-ons and improvements that we’re excited to share with you today. Here is what is new:

  • In your Home screen, you now see a “Profit Calendar”. It visualizes your profitable and losing trades by coloring the individual dates.
  • Next to the profit calendar, there is a new “Lesson Reminder” box. This box shows you a random lesson from your Sessions tab. This is a great way to quickly remind yourself of what you have been journaling and keep it top of mind. If you haven’t been using the Sessions a lot, this should be a motivation to dig in and make use of our unique feature.
  • When you group trades in the journal, you now get additional statistics for the grouped trade, such as average Reward:Risk Ratio and overall gain/loss.
  • Improvements of the overall functionality of the platform imports.
  • Various stability improvements.


What’s next

We have been working on adding more platforms to our import and, hopefully, be able to release new imports soon.

In the next update, we will also enable the automatic profit-loss calculation for stock journals.

There are also some bigger things happening behind the scenes which we can’t talk too much about now, but it’s going to improve Edgewonk significantly. 



Journal Review

Our free review service is still available as well. If you want us to take a look at your journal and show you how to utilize the Edgewonk features the right way, send us your journal. 


How to update:

  1. If you have used the Windows installer, you will get the update automatically the next time Edgewonk is started through the desktop shortcut.
  2. If you used the universal installer, simply execute the Edgewonk-updater.jar or Edgewonk-autoupdater.jar and Edgewonk will notify you if there is a new update available.


Do you have the latest version?

Simply go to Settings and under Your License, you will see your Edgewonk version.

The latest version is: 2.0.32


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