From Losing To Winning Trader – Edgewonk Review #9

How liberating and how big of a confidence boost is it when you can actually trade profitably and that your system is a profitable one if you’d just avoid the trades you knew are not worth taking?

Many traders will nevery have such a revelation if they don’t journal their trades and they will just jump from one trading method to the next because they wrongly believe that it’s their system that is the weakest link.



The Dangers Of Micro-Managing Your Trades – Edgewonk Review #8

We just reviewed a new journal from one of our users and the review is a great case study for how powerful the Edgewonk trading journal is when it comes to finding your trading edge.

Although the Edgewonk trading journal has dozens of metrics and features, a trader rarely has to use everything at once. Usually there are just a few things and tweaks a trader must do in order to make the next step in his/her trading and see significant improvements fast.



Reducing Variance To Improve Trading Profitability

In this week’s review, we will understand how to improve an already profitable system and what to be aware.

What really stood out in this journal is the impact of variance and being able to find specific components of a trader’s performance that are responsible for a significant amount of variance can be worth a lot.

Finding such specific areas in one’s trading is only possible through journaling when your trading journal allows you to break down individual components of your trading strategy.



The Power Of The Custom Statistics – Edgewonk Journal Review #3

This week, we have received a journal from a trade who is barely breaking even with his trading system.

When reviewing his journal, we found a few areas that could make a huge impact in his way of trading.

At the same time, the way he used his Custom Statistics to track very specific aspects of his trading will help him when tweaking his system and shows how effective the Custom Statistics can be.



Edgewonk Journal Review #1

In our last post we announced that we’re starting a new video series where we review your Edgewonk trading journals.

Today we’re starting with our first video and thank you again for all the submissions so far. We look forward to your journals!

To sum up the most important findings, we have compiled a list for you:

– The trader is going into the right direction. His equity graph is trending profitably towards the top right
– His focus should be on the process. His data shows that he loses most of his money when he is breaking rules

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