Edgewonk 2.0.29 May Update – What Is New

Some of you might have already noticed it but we just released the 2.0.29 update. After last month’s large update with many new features, this May update includes a series of smaller add-ons and an improvement of our new Interactive Brokers import.



Edgewonk Update – April 2018

We have been quiet in recent times, which was due to a lot of work behind the scenes and today we are releasing our next update.

We also want to thank everyone for the ongoing support and your feedback. Nothing goes unnoticed and we also try to improve Edgewonk based on your feedback and wishes.

Here are all the things that are new in this version:

1. The first version of the Interactive Brokers import is now available. Please note that it’s still a first beta version and not everything might work 100%. We need your feedback now to improve the import with the next update.



The Edgewonk January Update Is Here

Welcome to 2018!

We just released a quick update with a few fixes. The new version of Edgewonk is now 2.0.27 and you can check your version number under Settings > Your License.

This time, we mostly made a few changes, improvements and worked on things in the background:

– The 2018 year filter is now available
– You can change between monthly and weekly running statistics in the Home tab
– The currency symbols are now working again for all journals and platforms



The Edgewonk December 2017 Update – What Is New?

Hello and welcome to the latest Edgewonk update,

with the latest update in 2017, we have packed this new version with new features and improvements so that you can start into the new year in the best possible way.

Here is a list with the features that we have included:

– Crypto compatibility – Edgewonk now supports journaling of crypto-currency trading
– 4 screenshots can now be attached per trade



Edgewonk’s September Update – 2.0.23

Today we are releasing our September update and we’re excited to announce some great new additions and improvements. Here is what is new:“Missed Trades” tab:You can now journal trades that you did not take, missed or weren’t executed. You can compare your real trading performance to the potential performance of the missed trades and so get [...]



Edgewonk’s July Update – 2.0.22

The newest Edgewonk update has just been released and here is what is new:

– Screenshots in the Chartbook will now scale with the window
– New time of day filter: filter your trades by hourly intervals
– More Tiltmeter information is shown in the top menu area
– Edgewonk remembers the size and position of the journal and opens the same way every time
– IG statement import: you can import your IG Markets csv and Excel statements
– Forextester 3 statements can be imported now
– Cryptocurrencies enabled: enter your crypto trades with up to 8 decimals



The Edgewonk May Update

We are excited to announce that we have just launched the latest end of May update.

Here is a list of the new features and improvements:

>> Select multiple tags per Custom Statistic during the trade entry
>> Excel export function of the core trading data (under Settings)
>> First set of pips/points metrics in the Trade Analytics and other tabs (the pips/points for Futures trading will be added later)
>> Visualize pips in the equity graph



The Edgewonk March Update Is Here

We have just released the latest Edgewonk update and below you can find a list with the latest add-ons, new features and fixes:Added Sierra Charts and cTrader for platform imports (learn more)Generic Excel import is available (learn more)Date range filter in all tabs Multi-filter selection Auto backup (Edgewonk creates a new backup of your data on every startup [...]



December Edgewonk Update – What Is New?

The new Edgewonk 2 is now 10 weeks old and with the help of your continuous feedback – thank you for all the positive emails – we keep improving Edgewonk regularly. Today, we are releasing a new Edgewonk update which comes with a variety of new features and add-ons.

The sought-after backup feature is now available and you can easily create full database backups with just one click. You can also export your settings now and re-import them into new journals. Below you can find the list with the other new functions and improvements:

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