The 4 Stages Of Profitable Trading – How To Survive And Thrive In The Markets

We have followed thousands of traders over the years and noticed that they almost all go through the exact same 5 stages. In psychology, it’s often referred to as the “conscious competence ladder” and it applies to trading as well.

Understanding at which stage you are right now can help you make the next step more easily and help you avoid the most common mistakes

Stage 1: Unconscious incompetence

This is the initial phase of a novice trader when he is just getting his feet wet in the markets. At that stage, a trader doesn’t know how much he doesn’t know, which can often be a liberating, but dangerous place to be in because the dangers are not obvious to him.



5 Tools And Tips To Optimize Your Trades

Besides the emotional and mindset related features that Edgewonk offers, there are also plenty of order optimization and trade specific features that can help traders improve the way they approach the markets. In this article, we introduce 5 order specific Edgewonk metrics and show you how to use them to gain new insights into your […]



Testing And Finding Better Trading Approaches Effortlessly

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