Roadmap for Edgewonk 3 development | Updated January 28th

Edgewonk 3 is coming! This is VERY exciting news, and we can’t wait to share it with the trading world.   What is Edgewonk 3? Edgewonk 3 is going to be a fully web-based trading journal. You can now also finally access your journal through any browser and through any device.   When will it […]



2.0.47 Sierra Charts and Dukascopy Import – Chartbook fixes

Today, we released the latest update and in this release, we improved and fixed the Sierra Charts and Dukascopy import functionality. Both platforms made updates to their statement format and to make sure your trades will be imported correctly, we adjust the import.  To see a full list of all supported platforms, please have a […]



Edgewonk Patchfix Update 2.0.24

We have just released a patchfix update with two changes:You can enter prices with more than 2 decimals in the Missed Trades featureYou can directly enter new instruments and setups under Missed TradesThank you to everyone for the great feedback regarding our latest update. We're glad that you like the additions and new features. We'll [...]



Edgewonk’s 2.0.19 Patch-Fix Update

You might have noticed it but we just released a new update yesterday (June 12th).

The mid-June update is the newest 2.0.19 version of Edgewonk and we did not introduce any new features in this update. Here is a quick overview with things that did change:



5 Tips For Part Time Traders – Become A Successful Fulltime Trader

We all know what a drag a day job can be. When you come home at night you barely have energy left to talk to your partner, let alone start up your trading platform and pull yourself together in order to have the patience and discipline to make good trades. Additionally, all the time you spend at your day job is opportunity cost – and the currency is called trading experience. It’s a vicious circle.

Without a day job you do not have an income, but with a day job you do neither have enough resources nor time at your disposal to become a profitable trader. And how the hell is a trading journal going to help you with all this, because it takes even more of your trading time away? Well, whether you want to keep your day job and make trading an additional source of income or you want to go fulltime one day, Edgewonk will help you reach your goals in trading. How? Let’s take a look.



January 2017 Update: The First Step Towards Automation In Edgewonk [Updated]

We just released our newest January 2017 update and it’s the first big step towards full automation in Edgewonk. We also, of course, worked on other features and improvements. Here is what is new:

You can import Metatrader 4, NinjaTrader 7 and Ninjatrader 8 statements now. Please read the documentation carefully. We will add new platforms one by one over the next few months and if you want see a specific platform integrated, feel free to reach out to us and assist us to speed up the process.



The Difference Between RRR Planned And RRR Realized

One of the main focus points in the Edgewonk trading journal is improving trade management behavior and we have included a variety of metrics and features in our trading journal to help traders get a better understanding about how their trade management decisions impact their trading performance.  In this article, we want to explain the […]



New Edgewonk Update – October 6

After the release of the new Edgewonk 2.0 a few weeks back, the Edgewonk team has been working behind the scenes and we have been improving Edgewonk with the help of our users’ feedback. A big thank you here to everyone who has shared ideas and given us feedback over the past week. We are always looking for […]

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