Edgewonk January 2019 Update

Hello traders and Edgewonk fans,

Happy New Year!  We have just released a new update in your edgewonk journal. 

This update mainly focuses on improving some background features, improves stability and we fixed a few statement-import related issues.

We have been working on other features in the meantime and our next update will bring greater changes.


Here is what is new:

  • Improved the Underwater Table
  • The 2019 filter is here 😉 
  • New statement imports have been added:
    • Saxobank
    • Stage 5
    • We improved existing importers and fixed some bugs – TradeZero and Oanda importer now support all formats


What’s next

We are going to add a completely new feature to Edgewonk but we do not want to spoil the surprise at this moment 🙂

We are also looking for ways to improve the existing Sessions feature. If you have suggestions and feedback, reach out to us at info@edgewonk.com – your feedback is always welcome.


How to update:

  1. If you have used the Windows installer, you will get the update automatically the next time Edgewonk is started through the desktop shortcut.
  2. If you used the universal installer, simply execute the Edgewonk-updater.jar or Edgewonk-autoupdater.jar and Edgewonk will notify you if there is a new update available.


Do you have the latest version?

Simply go to Settings and under Your License, you will see your Edgewonk version.

The latest version is: 2.0.36


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