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Edgewonk’s Review Service

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Edgewonk Review Checklist

You have at least 100 trades entered in Edgewonk?

Every trade has filled out stop loss and take profit prices?

Every trade has highest / lowest prices filled out?

Every trade has the OTP hit field ticked? 

Every trade has entry, exit and trade management comments

If you answer all those questions with yes, then send us your Edgewonk journal and we will review it for you.


What you will get

Full review of all Edgewonk features, metrics and tabs

Actionable tips and insights

Step by step action plan


Note: We will record a video with our video analysis. This video will be published publicly on our YouTube channel. All trading data will be treated anonymously and we will never reveal your name and other personal information.



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Send us your Edgewonk data and we’ll review it


Step 1: Export your data

With 6 easy steps, you can export your full Edgewonk trading journal data


Step 2: Send it to us

Send us your exported file to


Step 3: Wait for your review

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to review all journals that are sent to us. We’ll do our best to review as many journals as possible. 



That’s it.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.