Edgewonk’s July Update – 2.0.22

The newest Edgewonk update has just been released and here is what is new:

  • Screenshots in the Chartbook will now scale with the window
  • New time of day filter: filter your trades by hourly intervals
  • More Tiltmeter information is shown in the top menu area
  • Edgewonk remembers the size and position of the journal and opens the same way every time
  • IG statement import: you can import your IG Markets csv and Excel statements
  • Forextester 3 statements can be imported now
  • Cryptocurrencies enabled: enter your crypto trades with up to 8 decimals
  • Names of your Alternative Strategies are shown directly in the Alternative Strategy tab
  • Multi-delete: you can select and delete multiple trades in the journal

We are also happy to announce that we have improved the stability of your Edgewonk journal and made some other tweaks to the way Edgewonk behaves.


The “Missed Trades” feature

Many are waiting for the possibility to journal missed trades or trades not taken. We have started working on the implementation and the feature will certainly be available in the near future. We want to make sure that the feature is working properly and will, thus, take a bit more time to perfect it. 

We didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer for the new features and improvements in this month’s update and have therefore decided to release the new update now.


More platform imports?

We will add new platform imports shortly as well. We’re currently working on an Oanda import and the much anticipated IB import will be next. 

If you have sample statements that you can provide for internal testing, you can send them to info@edgewonk.com. This will help us to speed up the development process and ensures the stability of the importer. 



How to update:

  1. If you have used the Windows installer, you will get the update automatically the next time Edgewonk is started through the desktop shortcut
  2. If you used the universal installer, simply execute the Edgewonk-updater.jar or Edgewonk-autoupdater.jar and Edgewonk will notify you if there is a new update available.


Do you have the latest version?

Simply go to Settings and under Edgewonk licenses, you will see your Edgewonk version.

The latest version is: 2.0.22


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