Edgewonk 2 Documentation

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions and help you get started with your Edgewonk trading journal.

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General questions

Here we answer common pre-sale questions and the most common questions we receive from our users.

Which markets can I track with Edgewonk?
On which platform does Edgewonk run? Can I use it for Mac and Windows?
Is my trading data safe?
Can I use my Edgewonk on multiple computers?
Can I use my Edgewonk on a cloud drive?
Can I connect my Edgewonk journal with my brokerage account?


Journal and course related questions

Specific questions about the Edgewonk journal, individual features and about our trader development course.

I lost my download link. How can I get the latest version?
I bought your trader development course. How do I get access?

Some questions and tips around the Edgewonk features

Here we answer some commonly asked questions around entering trades and using some of the Edgewonk features.

What if I change my Stop Loss or Take Profit during my trade?
How to use Highest and Lowest price exactly when entering my trade?
Why are my traffic lights not showing?
Can I get more Custom Statistics?
How to enter trades with multiple entries and exits?

Individual Edgewonk features

If you want to know more about individual Edgewonk features and functions, please take a look at the articles below where we explain individual features step by step.


Optimizing your trades with Edgewonk


More Edgewonk features and functions