Futures Trading Journal

Edgewonk works for all trading strategies, markets, contracts and currencies.

With only one click you can set up your own Futures trading journal and get going.

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Choose The Market(s) You Trade

With only one click, you can select the market(s) you trade and want to track in your Edgewonk journal. You can also track multiple markets in one journal – or set up multiple journals. All functions and background calculations adjust automatically. 

Journal & Track Any Futures Contract

You can track any Futures contract in Edgewonk. When you enter a new trade, choose the Futures contract from the drop-down or enter a new contract name if you haven’t traded it before and the Edgewonk database updates right away.



Analyze Your Trading Performance

Utilize the different filters to dissect your trading performance and behavior to find out what works well and where you’re struggling. Then get precise tips how to change your trading to improve.

All Your Trade Screenshots In One Place

You can attach 2 screenshots to each trade and the Chartbook in Edgewonk visualizes them like an album. Go through past trades, review your performance and behavior, and become more self-aware about your trading.



A Personal Journaling Experience

Every aspect of your Edgewonk Futures trading journal is completely customizable. You can analyze your personal weak spots, work on your discipline and trading emotions, and customize every part in Edgewonk to your own needs.

Metrics You Need

The Edgewonk Futures trading journal comes with a different features, functions and metrics so that, regardless of your current level as a trader, you can work on specific areas to grow as a trader – and Edgewonk grows with you.

Professional traders about Edgewonk

tdlogo1“It’s vital to have a trading journal. I think they [Edgewonk] are doing incredible things in the field of journaling. I wish that it had been around when I started out. I probably would have gotten profitable a hell of a lot quicker.”

Tom Dante, a professional forex and financial futures trader from London, UK about Edgewonk in his interview von Chatwithtraders

More Edgewonk & Journaling Features 

Interactive equity graph

Analyze every aspect of your trading individually and visualize how your trading behavior is impacting your results

Trade entry wizard

Adding new trades is as easy as 1-2-3 with our improved entry wizard

Holding time analysis

Analyze how holding time is impacting your performance and find out what works best for you

Trade management evaluation

Compare your potential and your actual performance and see where you are leaving money on the table

Analyze your own setups

Start tracking different strategies and setups and find out when they are performing best

Session analyzer

The Sessions tab allows you to make notes about weekly/monthly sessions and keep track of important findings and lessons

Custom statistics

Create your own, personalized statistics, tag your trades and then evaluate the impacts on your performance

Stop and profit metrics

Edgewonk shows you exactly if you could improve your order placement

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The Most Common Questions We Get

What if I trade multiple markets? Do I need to buy separate licenses?

No. With every Edgewonk trading journal license, you receive access to our download area. Once you have installed Edgewonk, you can select the market(s) you want to track. You can also create separate trading journals for different markets or trading accounts with just one license.


What if my trading account is in a different currency?

Edgewonk is currency neutral which means that it works for all currencies. Edgewonk is used by hundreds of traders from all around the world with different currencies and trading accounts and we accounted for all the differences. 

Can I access Edgewonk from different computers?

Yes, you can store your Edgewonk trading journal into any cloud drive (for example, DropBox or Google OneDrive), or a USB stick, and access it from anywhere. Your data is stored locally in your Edgewonk folder and you can take it with you, wherever you go. 


Do I have to renew my license for future updates?

The Edgewonk license is a one time payment and all future updates are free of charge. There are no extra fees and you will always get our free support as well in case you have any questions.

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