Getting Started With The Simulator

The Edgewonk risk simulator provides a variety of benefits that can help you to understand your trading performance on a much deeper level and it also helps you adjust and improve your risk and money management.


What is the risk simulator?

The risk simulator takes the parameters and statistics of your current trading performance and projects it into the future. Each time you hit the “New Simulation” button, the risk simulator starts a new simulation over 500 trades. You can also change the amount of simulations you want to run at the same time by changing the number in the adjacent field.


Graphical Output

The graphs in the center visualize your projected, future performance over the next 500 trades. You can run up to 50 simulations at the same time and by analyzing how far apart the graphs spread, you can get a good idea of how much volatility you can expect.


Statistical Output

On the left, you find two boxes: the top box shows your current performance statistics that is used for the simulations. By ticking the checkbox below, those metrics become editable and you can make your own inputs. The box below provides results and statistics for the performed simulations. For each metric you find a Min and a Max number, which helps you understand the volatility that could potentially exist for your own trading.


Filter and in-depth analysis

You can use the regular Edgewonk filters in the top menu to analyze individual components of your trading separately. We specifically suggest analyzing individual instruments and setups to get a feeling for how different certain components of your trading perform.



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