Creating multiple journals with your Edgewonk license

If you want to track multiple trading accounts or you want to keep your backtesting and live accounts separate, you can set up multiple journals.

Caution: One license key is only valid for one person and you may not share your license information. Our server tracks and analyzes activations and if we notice irregularities, the account may be shut down automatically by the algo.


Step 1: Download the latest installer here (click directly from the account page. You do not need to log in and you can directly start the download through the red or blue button.


Now choose your operating system

Depending on your operating system, follow the remaining steps:

Step 2: First, you must rename the first desktop shortcut of your initial Edgewonk trading journal. This will make sure that the new journal does not overwrite the first shortcut.


Step 3: Now, execute the installer that you have downloaded in step 1.


Step 4: During the installation process, choose a different path for the second installation. This is important or you may end up overwriting your whole first journal.


Step 5: Done! When you now open the new journal, you are asked to enter your license key and user and a new journal will open up.

You have 2 Edgewonk desktop shortcuts on your desktop now. One for each account.


Happy journaling!

Step 2: Create a new folder and give it a different name. For example, “Edgewonk 2” or the name of your other trading account to make sure you do not mix up your edgewonk installations.


Step 3: Place the file you downloaded at step 1 into the newly created folder.


Step 4: Execute the file in the otherwise empty folder. The installation begins.


Step 5: Done! You can now enter your license key and the user and your fresh journal will start up.