How To Use Edgewonk From A Cloud Drive On Different Computers

If you want to access the same journal from different machines, you can do that by using DropBox.

Important: Do NOT use any other cloud drive service such as oneDrive, Google Drive etc. Those platforms are known to be unstable and erase complete Edgewonk journals.

In this article I will show you step by step how to get your Edgewonk cloud-ready.


Step 1: Get DropBox

If you don’t have a DropBox account, you need to register for a free DropBox account here: https://www.dropbox.com


Step 2: Get the DropBox desktop app

You cannot start Edgewonk through the browser using DropBox. You need to install the DropBox desktop app on every computer where you want to open Edgewonk.

You find the link to the DropBox app on the bottom right on your DropBox account once you have registered for DropBox.


Step 3: Move Edgewonk into your DropBox

We offer 2 installers for Edgewonk as you probably know. A Windows 32bit and Mac installer and a Windows 64bit installer. Both work using DropBox and the approach is the same.

Simply go to your Edgewonk folder where you installed Edgewonk and then move the whole folder into your DropBox.

Here it is absolutely crucial that you move the whole folder and do not leave any files behind. You can just select the overall Edgewonk folder where you installed Edgewonk and cut and paste the whole folder to your Dropbox.



Step 4: General tips

Now here are a few general things and tips about using Edgewonk in DropBox

  • If you used the Windows 64bit installer and used to start Edgewonk through the desktop shortcut, this will not work anymore after you have moved Edgewonk to DropBox. You have to start Edgewonk going into the DropBox folder and then double-click on the file start-edgewonk.bat file. If you have used the Windows32 bit or Mac installer, you can start Edgewonk through the edgewonk-2.0-autoupater.jar file.

  • When closing Edgewonk, you must make sure that the synchronization process has completely finished. Do not turn off your computer or internet connection before the syncing is completed.
  • And finally, do not open Edgewonk from more than 1 computer at a time using DropBox.



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