Inspirations For Using The Egdewonk Comments

Before you can start entering trades, you should go to the Settings are and set up your new Edgewonk journal. Here you enter new comments, add instruments, setups and more.


The comments for entry, exit and trade management act as “tags” that you can then later assign to your trades when you enter them. And after that, you can use those tags to analyze your trading performance, find weaknesses and get actionable tips on how to improve your overall trading.

Here are a few examples to give you an idea about how to use the comments:




Trade Management

Too early Stopped out Scale-in appropriately
Too late Too early – No patience Stop too tight
Impulsive entry End of day exit Widened stop loss
Not in trading plan Reason to exit Added to a loser
Hesitated Too late – greedy Widened take profit order
No rules


The column called “Rating” defines whether the comments describe a positive, a negative or a neutral trading action. For example, a comment called “Good exit” needs the rating “positive”, while the comment “Widened my SL” is a “negative” comment.

The rating then influences the way your Tiltmeter shows up in your trading journal and you can use the tags and the Tiltmeter to analyze your trading performance.

If you have found some comments of particular help, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below and we will then integrate them in our article to help new Edgewonk users kickstart their journaling journey.


Adding new comments

You can just enter the comments when adding the trade under the advanced tab. There you find 3 input fields for entry, exit and trade management comments.



Under Settings, you can also find a tab on the left that will show you all implemented comments. You can switch between different the entry, exit and trade management category and then you’ll see all used comments. Here you can also add the rating for each comment or set comments inactive.



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