Getting Started With Your New Edgewonk Journal


We are glad that you decided to take your trading journey into your own hands and that you are ready to start into a better trading future with Edgewonk and our trader development course.



Who is this course for?

Edgewonk has been built for all traders, regardless of their current status and level of experience.

Beginning traders can use Edgewonk to lay a solid foundation and start working on the most common problems and challenges.

Intermediate traders can tackle more specific problems related to their own trading behavior and their personal challenges.

Advanced traders benefit from the unique Edgewonk analytic features and we will show you exactly how you can find out which parameters of your trading strategy to adjust in order to achieve the goals you are after.


What you will learn during this course

During the course, we will explore every feature and function of Edgewonk in-depth, we will share advanced tips and techniques on how to use and combine different Edgewonk concepts and, this is probably what you have been waiting for, we will explain how to use Edgewonk and its features to adjust your trading and how to tweak your strategy’s parameters to build your edge and turn your performance around.

Of course, becoming a profitable trader can usually not be achieved within a few weeks, but after completing this course you will possess the tools of the trade. Our detailed steps to reach our goals with this program are:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Edgewonk basics
  • Establish a professional and time-effective trading routine
  • Develop discipline and a professional mindset
  • Better deal with the psychological challenges of trading
  • Explore the more advanced Edgewonk features
  • Learn how to tweak and improve your trading strategy step by step


What we expect from you

In order for the program to have the greatest impact on your trading, we only ask for your commitment and undivided attention during the duration of this course. If you follow our suggestions, tips, and challenges throughout the course, you will be able to see a great impact on your trading – not only performance-wise, but your mindset, your general approach, and your discipline will most likely experience improvements as well.

We will not take up a lot of your time, but we ask you to be completely honest with yourself throughout this whole course. You have to make a commitment to yourself and completely follow through; entering all your trades into your new trading journal, acting on our special assignments and, at least for the duration of the course, not trying any shortcuts.


Learning at your own pace

You can go through this course as fast, or as slow as you would like. However, due to the extensiveness of the Edgewonk journal and the trader development course, we highly recommend taking it one step at a time.

You don’t want to create a feeling of being overwhelmed with the amount of material in this course. Enjoying the process has to be the top priority. It’s much better to take your time, let individual lessons really sink in and then act on your new knowledge, than rushing through the material without retaining anything.

A good guideline to aim for is going through between 1 and 3 lessons each week – depending on the scope of the material. You can also leave comments below the article if you have questions, or you can send us emails if you require personal help (click for contact).


If you are ready to move on to the next lesson, click on the red button “COMPLETE LESSON” below and you will automatically be redirected to the next lesson. 

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