Your Trading Game Plan – What Defines You As A Trader


Welcome to module 2 of your Edgewonk trader development course. By now you should have a good understanding of the Edgewonk basics and you are able to track your trades effectively. Module 2 is all about creating a professional trading routine and getting a deeper understanding of yourself as a trader.

This module is less about the single Edgewonk features because we want to give you the time to enter more trades in your journal so that we can work with a larger sample size in the next module.


The foundation of any routine: the two plans a trader needs to have

In trading you should have two plans:

1) The game plan: the game plan describes everything you do in trading and it defines you as a trader: why you trade, what your goals and objectives are, your money management principles, the markets you trade, the setups and strategies with all criteria, when to stop trading, etc. – simply everything.

2) A trading plan: you create a trading plan for every trade you take. As the name suggests, you use the trading plan to pre-plan your potential trades. We will cover the trading plan for the next lesson.


The Edgewonk game plan

The Edgewonk game plan comes in two parts: First, the ebook that walks you through each point and explains what the game plan is all about; and second, the template that you can use to create your own game plan.

We recommend not rushing over it because the game plan will become the main pillar for your future trading endeavor. If you don’t have the time to do it now, you can skip ahead and start the next lesson where you’ll learn more about the trading plan. However, we highly recommend creating a game plan for your own trading – a game plan is like a business plan and you need to treat your trading like a business if you want to succeed.

Download Game Plan Ebook [fac_icon icon=”chevron-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″][fac_icon icon=”chevron-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Step 2: Fill out your game plan template

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