Edgewonk Trading Journal 2.0




The Edgewonk trading journal is not only the leading trading journal available for traders, it is also the only trader development software that helps traders build their trading edge and become a better trader step by step.

The proprietary features, functions and algorithms ensure the best possible journaling experience while focusing on one goal only: improve your trading and help you become a professional trader.

How Edgewonk helps you become a better trader:

  • Improve your discipline and level of professionalism
  • Optimize trade entries
  • Tweak your stop and target orders to increase winrate and the size of your winners
  • Adjust your risk management for better account growth with less volatility
  • Completely customize and personalize Edgewonk to tackle very personal challenges
  • Learn how to let winners run and cut losers short
  • and many more features specifically designed to turn your trading around…


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