System requirements

Edgewonk uses the latest technology and is being updated constantly. It runs stable on all major platforms:


Compatible with Windows

Compatible with MacOs

Compatible with Linux

Version history

Version 2.0.49 – October, 2020

  • cTrader import fixed
  • Improved other platform imports
  • Fixed Linux screenshot bug


Version 2.0.47 – October, 2019

  • Sierra Charts import updated
  • Improved the Charbook


Version 2.0.42 – April, 2019

  • Improved Interactive Broker import (gen2)
  • Fixes for various resulotions


Version 2.0.40 – March, 2019

  • New tab: Trade Plans – add your trade ideas


Version 2.0.37 – February, 2019

  • Trading screenshot URLs can be pasted as trade screenshots
  • Various UI and UX improvements


Version 2.0.36 – January, 2019

  • Improved Unterwater table graph
  • Platform imports added: Saxobank, Stage 5


Version 2.0.34 – October, 2018

  • Automatic Profit/Loss calculation for stock trades
  • Hide journal columns through the eye icon
  • Platform imports added: Dukascopy, FXCM, IG, Oanda, Sierra, Tradezero


Version 2.0.32 – August, 2018

  • Profit Calendar has been added to the Home Screen
  • A Lesson Reminder is showing your lessons that you created for your sessions
  • Improved the merging / grouping functionality


Version 2.0.30 – June, 2018

  • Merge trades in the journal for scaling in and out of trades
  • Exclude trades from winrate calculations


Version 2.0.29 – May, 2018

  • Futures compatibility for the Interactive Brokers import
  • Weekdays have been added in the Trade Analytics as a new layer option
  • Duplicate missed trades with a right-click


Version 2.0.28 – April, 2018

  • First version for the Interactive Brokers import: read full documentation
  • Categorize Sessions and create new categories
  • New metrics and improvements in the Sessions tab
  • Break-Even trades are excluded from winrate calculations
  • Assign one setup for all trades during the import process


Version 2.0.27 – January 8, 2018

  • The 2018 year filter is now available
  • You can change between monthly and weekly running statistics in the Home tab
  • The currency symbols are now working again for all journals and platforms
  • Break Even trades are not included in the winrate anymore
  • Decimals are now displayed correctly for all markets
  • Various fixes and improvements


Version 2.0.26 – December 28, 2017

  • Crypto compatibility – Edgewonk now supports journaling of crypto-currency trading
  • 4 screenshots can now be attached per trade
  • Tag trades as “Break Even” – first stage of break-even functionality
  • You can re-order Custom Statistics and Trade Comments now
  • And-Or filter logic – You can decide if you want to filter using “and” or “or” filter logic in the Custom Statistics
  • PDF Export (under Settings > Export > the new “Export Trading Journal Spreadsheet” will download your current Home Tab.
  • The statement importer for “IG Markets” does now work for all IG statements
  • Enter decimals using , or .
  • Improvements of other importers



Version 2.0.25 – October 17, 2017

  • Redesign of the Home screen
  • Fix bug with MT4 importer
  • Improved IG importer for new formats
  • Improved the Excel import feature
  • Improved the stability of the Edgewonk database for more security



Version 2.0.23 – September 18, 2017

  • Missed Trades feature
  • We redesigned the Settings tab to improve the handling.
  • We fixed and improved some of the broker imports to make your journaling more efficient.
  • We improved the code and the overall software in the background to make Edgewonk faster, more stable and overall more enjoyable.


Version 2.0.22 – July 6, 2017

  • Screenshots in the Chartbook will now scale with the window
  • New time of day filter: filter your trades by hourly intervals
  • More Tiltmeter information is shown in the top menu area
  • Edgewonk remembers the size and position of the journal and opens the same way every time
  • IG statement import: you can import your IG Markets csv and Excel statements
  • Forextester 3 statements can be imported now
  • Cryptocurrencies enabled: enter your crypto trades with up to 8 decimals
  • Names of your Alternative Strategies are shown directly in the Alternative Strategy tab
  • Multi-delete: you can select and delete multiple trades in the journal



Version 2.0.18 – May 4, 2017

  • Select multiple tags per Custom Statistic during the trade entry
  • Excel export function of the core trading data (under Settings)
  • First set of pips/points metrics in the Trade Analytics and other tabs (the pips/points for Futures trading will be added later)
  • Visualize pips in the equity graph
  • Clicking on the wallet symbol now hides more data in the Home tab as well
  • Sierra Charts txt statements are now importable
  • Custom Statistic filter improved. Multiple selections now possible
  • Various improvements and fixes


Version 2.0.16  – March 3, 2017

  • Added Sierra Charts and cTrader for platform imports (learn more)
  • Generic Excel import is available (learn more)
  • Date range filter in all tabs
  • Multi-filter selection
  • Auto backup (Edgewonk creates a new backup of your data on every startup and stores the last 10 backups locally)
  • Name your Edgewonk journal and see the name at the top. If you use multiple Edgewonk installations, this will help you stay organized
  • Open trades directly from the Chartbook
  • Hide your account balance at the top (just click at the green wallet icon)
  • We made some of the statistics more robust



Version 2.0.15 – January 6, 2017

    • Metatrader4 and NinjaTrader 7/8 statement imports added: read the documentation here
    • Performance improved in the Chartbook – screenshots are loaded and stored more effectively
    • Profit Factor has been added to the Trade Analytics
    • Filters are now applicable in the Alternative Strategies tab


Version 2.0.14 – December 15, 2016

    • We now have a backup feature – perform a full backup or your settings only
    • Change your currency symbol on your account currency
    • Expectancy in the Simulator
    • Adding screenshots made easier
    •  Improved date and time entry when you add new trades
    • Fixes in the sessions tab


Version 2.0.13 – October 13, 2016

  • Holding time analysis in minutes enabled
  • Duplicating trades made easier and more efficiently
  • New filters for dates, new break-even statistics
  • MAE and MFE statistics in the Trade Analytics
  • Column order will be remembered on new start
  • Resolution fix implemented
  • Various improvements.


 Launch Version 2.0 – September 9, 2016

The launch of the new platform independent and standalone Edgewonk 2.0. Read here what is new in Edgewonk 2.0


Version 1.7 – February 18, 2016

New Sessions feature, easier scrolling in journal, added new Custom Statistic slots


Version 1.6 – December 22, 2015

Added screenshots feature, improved Tiltmeter and equity graph, re-design of Terminal, new data in performance table and improved Comments analytics


Version 1.5 – October 1, 2015

New performance metrics, re-design of Performance Tables, commissions analysis


Version 1.12 – May 31, 2015

Improved user experience, more customization, universal date format


Version 1.1 – May 09, 2015

A variety of new functions, easier handling, improved analytics and more


Launch Edgewonk 1 – March 25, 2015

Version 1.0 launched on March 26th, 2015


What we are working on

We are always looking to improve the Edgewonk journaling experience. Here are some new features and improvements we are currently working on:

  • Improving the Sessions feature
  • Journaling of missed trades
  • Adding visual analysis tools (will be added during the march update)
  • Direct broker import (stage 1 has started – we need your help if you want to see a specific platform integrated. Please send us a message)


What are you missing?

What is a feature or a function that you are missing in Edgewonk right now? Or, what do you think we should improve on? We’d love to hear from you and your experience with Edgewonk. We take our user feedback very seriously and make a constant effort to integrate user ideas.

Please send your email with feedback, suggestions or feature requests to:

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