Roadmap for Edgewonk 3 development | Updated January 28th

Edgewonk 3 is coming! This is VERY exciting news, and we can’t wait to share it with the trading world.


What is Edgewonk 3?

Edgewonk 3 is going to be a fully web-based trading journal.

You can now also finally access your journal through any browser and through any device.


When will it be released?

The way it currently looks, Edgewonk 3 may come out by the end of the year 2020.

Update: We are now looking at a potential release by the end of January 2021.

Currently, we are in the last beta testing phase. With the help of a few dozen Edgewonk users, we are ironing out bugs and improving the functionality.

Update: The beta testing has been completed as of January 28th, 2021.

Update: We are now in the last steps of preparing the launch of Edgewonk 3. At the moment, we are looking at a potential release date for mid-end of February. We are hopeful that no further delays will have to happen.


A new payment model

Edgewonk 3 will be sold at an annual subscription model.

The price will be kept at a fair level, in the range between 167 USD and 197 USD per year which comes at less than 1$ per day.

There is also going to be a free version with limited features.

This was, without a doubt, the hardest decision we had to make and for you, as an Edgewonk user, this change will bring a variety of benefits:

  • You can expect new features to be released regularly
  • Bigger upgrades like direct broker imports, gamification, a heads-up display, a virtual mentor, and many other more complex add-ons will be released in Edgewonk 3
  • Improved support with new support staff
  • Web-based access to your journal from any browser and from any device worldwide
  • No data loss. Data will be stored safely and securely (read below for more info)

Whether it’s Adobe, Microsoft, Netflix, DropBox, or Spotify, in today’s world, almost all software companies have switched to a monthly or an annual subscription model, which led to an improved service for their customers as well.

With Edgewonk 2, we tried to go the other way and provide a one-time-payment option. And although this model works for a time, when it comes to playing the long game, it’s only possible with the help of subscriptions.


Is your trading journal data safe?

This was the first concern we had to address and something we took very seriously.

With Edgewonk 2, your trading data is stored locally on your computer.

With Edgewonk 3, we made sure to adhere to the highest security and safety standards since your journal is stored in a cloud-based server environment.

Edgewonk 3 has also undergone a penetration security test to make sure all trading data is always safe.

The Edgewonk servers are located in Germany and the penetration test has been done by a German company to ensure the highest quality standards as well.

Furthermore, we do not store any personal information in your Edgewonk 3 trading journal.

We understand that trading data is sensitive. Thus, we want to bring peace of mind to you when it comes to keeping your Edgewonk data in the cloud.

With a future update, you will also be able to export your data at any time and download it to your local hard drive.


Can I migrate my data from Edgewonk 2?

Yes, you will be able to easily move your Edgewonk 2 data into Edgewonk3.


What will happen to Edgewonk 2?

We will, of course, still support Edgewonk 2. Nothing will change for existing Edgewonk 2 users. Your journals will still run as they did before.

We are currently still working on the Edgewonk 2 backend to ensure a flawless work environment going forward. We will not neglect Edgewonk 2 and we will, of course, still offer email support as always.

NOTHING will change for existing Edgewonk users and their journals!

However, we will not introduce completely new features to Edgewonk 2 going forward.


What happens to existing customers?

We value you, our customers, and fellow traders, dearly.

And just like during our upgrade from version 1 to the current version 2, we will provide special conditions to existing customers. Most likely, you will receive a discount code.

Update: We will provide a discount for existing Edgewonk 2 customers. The discount will range between 25% and 40% for the first year.


Update: Features and differences

The initial release version of Edgewonk 3 will be similar to the current Edgewonk 2 desktop version. However, we haven’t included features such as the Alternative Strategies, journaling of missed trades and we also removed some of the supported platform importers. We plan to add new features regularly after the official Edgewonk 3 release.

Edgewonk 3 comes with four new features: the ability to scale in and out of trades, a notebook section, a series of new graphs, and a public profile page.


Update: Should you still buy Edgewonk 2?

If you still want to buy Edgewonk 2 depends on a few factors.

Some users prefer the current pricing structure. The current Edgewonk 2 journal is sold as a one-time payment. Whereas Edgewonk 3 will be sold as an annual subscription.

Second, some traders prefer to have a desktop program instead of a cloud solution.

And, as mentioned above, existing Edgewonk 2 customers will receive a special discount for the first year if they decide to purchase the new Edgewonk 3 version.


Stay tuned

We believe that this step is the right one for all involved. Edgewonk is a product made by professional traders for professional traders and we are constantly looking for ways to bring you an even better product in order to boost your performance.

We are fully committed to making Edgewonk the best journal platform there is. Join us and take your trading to the next level!

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