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The Edgewonk trading journal is used by regular and professional traders alike. Below you find some of the feedback our users sent us and some mentions of Edgewonk on other websites.

Professionals about Edgewonk


5yVF8dSQ_400x400Steve Burns – NewTraderU.com

Steve Burns has been investing in the stock market successfully for over 20 years and has been an active trader for over 14 years. See what he has to say about Edgewonk:

“This tool (Edgewonk) is the most thorough trading journal I have ever seen. It allows a trader to log their trades, track their results, and learn from them. The journal allows a trader to track their emotions on entry and exit, and better understand their trading motivations. The tool provides a concise way to analyze the performance of set ups, stop loss placement, and improve profit taking.

In my book ‘New Trader, Rich Trader‘ I wrote “A trading journal is like a teacher who teaches traders about themselves.” I believe the Edgewonk tool is that kind of trading journal. It has exceeded my expectations as a way for traders to learn more about their trading habits, track and analyze their positions, and become better traders.”

steenbargerEdgewonk has been mentioned on Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s blog. Dr. Steenbarger is a trading author, trading psychology coach and a trader himself:

“The Edgewonk electronic journal […] integrates your trading observations (mood/psychology; thoughts about markets) with your P/L.  The journal also tracks performance metrics, so that you can see where your trading has been strongest and weakest.  Over time, this could form a great database for learning and performance improvement.”  – Quoted from Dr. Steenbarger’s article

tdlogo1“It’s vital to have a trading journal. I think they [Edgewonk] are doing incredible things in the field of journaling. I wish that it had been around when I started out. I probably would have gotten profitable a hell of a lot quicker.”

Tom Dante, a professional forex and financial futures trader from London, UK about Edgewonk in his interview von Chatwithtraders


“We are truly impressed at Optimus Futures, LLC by what Edgewonk brings to the table and are positive that using their trading journal will provide specific benefits for the trader. It could help you to build discipline and track trading behavior and performance in a new way to plug a lot of leaks. […] Edgewonk now offers a professional and easy to use solution that makes journaling a fun experience and the automated analytics provide valuable insights into your trading immediately.”  – Quoted from OptimusFutures review of the Edgewonk trading journal


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