The Chartbook – Keeping All Your Trades In One Place

With the Chartbook, Edgewonk is making another step towards offering a complete trading journal that contains everything a trader does. A trader can assign 2 screenshots to each trade that will be then stored directly in your Edgewonk trading journal. Under Chartbook, Edgewonk displays all your trades in an album-like manner. You also find individual trade statistics below each screenshot and you can re-open the screenshot by clicking on the image.


Addine screenshots

Adding screenshots to your trades is very easy. When you are in the journal area, add a new trade, or click on an existing trade, go to the advanced tab and then there you find 2 slots for screenshots.


Review tip

Instead of just using the Chartbook as a screenshot storage area, you can use it to actually work on your trading. Especially if you are a technical trader, there is a very simple routine you can follow:

For each trade, take a screenshot of the entry and then after you have exited the trade. If you are trading one or only a few technical and rule-based setups, your screenshots should look very similar. If they don’t it’s usually indicating a problem with discipline and not following the rules.

If you see that all your trades look very differently and there is no pattern obvious, you should investigate further and see if your trading is sloppy and you are impulsively entering trades or where the problem lies. Usually, the more similar your trades look, the better the trading performance. This is mainly true for traders who use technical analysis and rule-based trading systems.

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