The Edgewonk December 2017 Update – What Is New?

Hello and welcome to the latest Edgewonk update,

with the latest update in 2017, we have packed this new version with new features and improvements so that you can start into the new year in the best possible way. 

Here is a list with the features that we have included:

  • Crypto compatibility – Edgewonk now supports journaling of crypto-currency trading
  • 4 screenshots can now be attached per trade
  • Tag trades as “Break Even” – first stage of break even functionality
  • You can re-order Custom Statistics and Trade Comments now
  • And-Or filter logic – You can decide if you want to filter using “and” or “or” filter logic in the Custom Statistics
  • PDF Export (under Settings > Export > the new “Export Trading Journal Spreadsheet” will download your current Home Tab.
  • The statement importer for “IG Markets” does now work for all IG statements
  • Enter decimals using , or . 
  • Improvements of other importers



What we are working on

The features below are our priority right now and we have been working on them for a while but we’re expecting those features to be released in our February update:

  • New importer for Interactive Broker
  • Automated import for MT4
  • New graphs for better evaluation
  • Improve the scale in/out functionality


With that, we are wishing all our Edgewonk users happy journaling and we hope you like the new update. Thanks for the ongoing support and feedback. 


How to update:

  1. If you have used the Windows installer, you will get the update automatically the next time Edgewonk is started through the desktop shortcut.
  2. If you used the universal installer, simply execute the Edgewonk-updater.jar or Edgewonk-autoupdater.jar and Edgewonk will notify you if there is a new update available.


Do you have the latest version?

Simply go to Settings and under Your License, you will see your Edgewonk version.

The latest version is: 2.0.26


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