Learn how to analyze, trade and win like a professional trader

Find out what it takes to become a professional trader.

Finally! The first and only trader development course that will show you what it takes to become a professional.

If you are looking for a proven and hands-on approach that will take you from a struggling to a professional trader, the Edgewonk trader development course is just what you have been looking for.

We have helped hundreds of traders turn their trading around. Our course has been developed by professional, full-time traders and the advanced Edgewonk features and functions show you exactly what is not working in your trading, what to change and how to develop your edge step by step.




From the Edgewonk basics,  trading psychology, and risk management, to optimizing your trades, each module will help you improve a different aspect of your trading.



Learn at your own pace and build your knowledge step by step. Each lesson has a very specific goal with actionable tips and step by step instructions to test your new knowledge.



Our video archive, cheat sheets, challenges and ebooks we will keep you engaged at all times. Becoming a better trader has never been that fun!



Over 2,900 traders have completed their trader development course. Join Edgewonk today and start your own journey towards profitable trading.


What you’ll learn:

Stop making unnecessary mistakes
Develop discipline in trading
Structure your trading routine
Improve stop and profit placement
Maximize the size of your winners
Better stops and less stop hunting
Master your emotions
Learn when to cut losses
Perfect your trade management
Improve your trade exits
Plan for your future trading career
Improve your risk management

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Course Structure

Our 5 modules will help you become a better trder step by step.

Module 1: The absolute Edgewonk and trading basics
Module 2: Create your own professional trading routine
Module 3: Dealing with emotional trading problems
Module 4: Risk and money management principles
Module 5: Trade management and order optimization


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Four Common Questions

We get these asked a lot.

What is the format of this course?

The course is 100% web-based. After your purchase, you get instant access to our course material. You can then go through each lesson one by one at your own pace. In the course you find plenty of instructional videos, study material, cheat sheets and you can get direct feedback from our team.


Does the course include live training?

No, the course is 100% pre-recorded and you can learn at your own pace and go as fast, or as slow, as you want during the material. And if you have any questions, our fast and friendly support will always be ready to assist you.

Who is this course for?

Our users range from complete beginners to full-time professional traders. The course material and the Edgewonk features have been built to allow all types of traders to work on very individual problem areas and weaknesses. Whether you are just starting and want to build a solid foundation or work on very targeted and individual areas of your trading, the course will show you how to improve your trading.


How long can I use this course?

As a customer, you get lifetime access and you will receive notifications every time we add new material to our course.

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