What Is A Trading Journal?

Introduction to trading journals and how

a journal will improve your trading

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Step 1: Enter your trades

In the first step, you enter your trades into your trading journal. You can customize your whole Edgewonk experience to your own needs and trading approach. 

The instant feedback tools turn journaling into a great experience.


Step 2: Analyze your trading data

From risk management, money management, improving trade management strategies, entry timing, and optimizing your reward-risk ratio, Edgewonk includes different proprietary performance analysis tools to help traders find their edge faster.


Step 3: Make targeted adjustments

The Edgewonk features provide actionable results that allow you to make specific and targeted adjustments.

Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose from the different Edgewonk features and then step by step improve your trading method. 

Trading Journal 101

A trading journal is a tool where you enter your trading data to analyze your performance and behavior to then receive actionable tips about what to change to improve your trading results.

A trading journal is a must-have for every serious trader because it not only holds you accountable and provides structure in your routine and your daily trading, but it also shows you where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to overcome them.

Whereas most traders stumble around without really understanding why they are not successful, the professional traders know that a trading journal is the most important tool for their development and success.

4 questions traders ask us about trading journals

Who is a trading journal for?

A trading journal is for all trader types and stages; Edgewonk includes a variety of different tools to accommodate all the different needs of any trader.

Beginning traders will learn the basics and it helps you avoid the most common mistakes almost all traders make.

Mediocre and advanced traders benefit from the variety of practical tools and features that help traders improve and fine-tune every aspect of their trading. 

Do I need a profitable trading strategy first?

No trading system will work from the start, although that’s what most traders are looking for. Instead, you can use your trading journal to improve your trading system and turn it into a winning strategy. 

A trading journal is like a personal mentor who shows you objectively where your weaknesses and strengths are and how to fix them.

 Can it help me with my problems?

Regardless of where you are with your trading and what your current struggles are, Edgewonk has got you covered.

Whether your problems are emotional and discipline related, you want to improve the size of your winners, work on trade exits, optimize stop loss orders and target setting, improve your risk management or find better ways to manage your trades, Edgewonk has the right feature for you. 

Can I make my own journal instead?

The problem with self-made trading journals is that they don’t offer the much-needed analytic features that traders need. Too often, a self-made journal is just a data graveyard that does not provide actionable tips.

The professional Edgewonk trading journal is completely customizable and it comes with proprietarily developed performance analysis tools built to improve a trader’s edge fast and targeted.  We spent thousands of hours developing Edgewonk and keep improving it all the time to make sure it stays the best journal out there.

How the Edgewonk trading journal helps traders

With our proprietary analytics, you get actionable and completely personalized tips on how to adjust your trading approach and become better:

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Develop more discipline with our instant-feedback tools

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Optimized trade management for better decisions during your trades

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Perfect stop placement to avoid stop hunting and stop runs

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Increase the size of winners by tweaking trade exiting

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Evaluate and improve trade exits for a higher winrate

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″]  Understand risk management with our performance simulator

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Customize your journal to your own strategies, methods and markets

[fac_icon icon=”angle-double-right” color=”#333333″ color_hover=”#333333″] Let us guide you with the trader development program

Trader Development Course


A professional trading journal + a time-tested trader development program

Trading can be a lonely and challenging profession. At Edgewonk, we understand the challenges traders have and that’s why we developed our trader development program.

In our program will help you get started with the actual Edgewonk trading journal and provide a structured, step by step study program to help you take your trading to the next level.

Master all Edgewonk functions with hands-on lessons and challenges

Identify, understand and overcome your own personal trading problems

Establish a professional trading routine that matches your lifestyle and personal goals

Learn at your own pace and get direct feedback from us


View the course outline